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Is the Super Bowl Linked to Trafficking?
Lynn Kolb, March 6, 2017

Many have said the Super Bowl is a huge opportunity for those who exploit men, women, and children in so-called "adult entertainment business." Leading up to and during the Super Bowl, there are parties and bars available for "sellers" to get a boost in their slavery profits.

In February 2014, then Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot [1] (now Texas Governor) dubbed this sporting event the - single largest human trafficking incident in the U.S. During that same period, Arizona State University (ASU) researched internet sex adds for 10 days. They saw a "spike" in ads before the game which abated afterwards. Half of the ads involved were of those being trafficked.

In 2015, ASU repeated a similar study to compare. Within days, the volume was troubling. "The sheer number of ads would be beyond what any one law enforcement agency could respond to," said Dominique Roe-Sepowitz - lead author and social work professor.

Carnegie Mellon [2] researched ads placed near or during similar events in 2016. They too found a higher activity surrounding the Super Bowl.

However, there are many groups - including abolitionists - who say there is not enough or valid evidence to support Governor Abbot's claim. Some even believe these messages actually hurt the cause since trafficking is a year round activity.

Lawyer Kate Mogulescu - founder of Trafficking Victims Advocacy Project - believes "there's a lot of pressure on law enforcement to do something about human trafficking. But the only thing [they know] how to do is utilize the same methods that have been in place forever - sweep everyone up in anti-prostitution policing, and then somehow assert that this is being done in the name of combating human trafficking."

Some former sex-trafficking victims probably don't agree.

Survivor Rebecca Bender asserts pimps seek "men with disposable income, away from home." The engagements do not occur at the game, but rather at all of the parties that are held because of it. Bender, who escaped in 2007, mentions "In Vegas, you would go from Super Bowl party to Super Bowl party, 10 men in a room, all of them wanting sexual favors, and all having $1,000 winnings to put in the pot."

Either way you look at this, as long as there are people who need to be rescued, arrested, and prosecuted the work of awareness and intervention must continue. However, a greater emphasis needs to be placed on prevention! If we focus solely on rescue and arrests, we will continue to have this issue and the demand for human trafficking will continue to grow.

We must increase prevention training by teaching our children - experts suggest as early as seven years old [3] - about the dangers of pornography, by showing teens and young adults [4] that buying sex perpetuates the abuse cycle, and by providing adults [4,5,6] with ways to overcome a controlling pornography addiction which has proven links to sex trafficking.

If you need help with this, please don't feel condemned by this message! As one who used to fuel human trafficking through my own pornography addiction, I know first-hand how painful this can be. Contact me at 717-426-9977 ext. 112 or to discuss ways you too can find hope, healing, liberty and a love that will last forever.

Exit 58 is Transport For Christ's initiative to drive down demand for human trafficking in the trucking industry. For more information on how we are doing this or ways you can get involved, contact the Exit 58 Coordinator, Lynn Kolb at 717-426-9977 ext. 112 or

[1]The Super Bowl is the Largest Human Trafficking Event in the Country

[2]The Super Bowl Sex-Trafficking Myth: Is it the crisis it's cracked up to be?

[3]Protect Young Minds is a great organization that can help parents educate their kids. They also offer a book called Good Pictures, Bad Pictures parents can use to train children as young as 7 years of age on what to do if they're exposed to pornography. Click here for details about the book or use this link to get other helpful materials from

[4]Fight the New Drug engages youth and young adults on the differences between real love and porn. Parents can also download guides to learn how they can help their loved one. There is a video on demand program called Fortify so that youth and adults of all ages can learn their personal triggers and how to rewire the brain after porn. Click here to learn more about Fortify or use this link to get other helpful materials from

[5]She's Somebody's Daughter - an Exit 58 Partner - has a DVD on the dangers of pornography in marriage. You could use this on your own or with a group (with their group discussion guide). Click here to learn more.

[6]Transport For Christ chapels have the She's Somebody's Daughter DVD available for drivers to watch. The chaplain will gladly watch it with you and provide support and additional resources to help you live a more victorious life. Drivers can also call our toll free Trucker Prayer Line to talk to a chaplain: 1-877-797-7729 (PRAY). Click here to search for a chapel location near you.

Truck Drivers can visit a Transport For Christ Chapel or call our toll free Trucker Prayer Line to talk to a chaplain: 1-877-797-7729 (PRAY). Click here to find one near you


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