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Electronic Gifts
Did you know there are two safe, easy and more convenient ways to give your monthly or weekly donation to Transport For Christ, International?

Recurring automatic donations can be made from a bank account, debit card, or credit card.

Once enrolled, your donation will be automatically processed each month (or week if using a card). We are only authorized to transfer the amount you choose. You can cancel, increase or decrease this amount at any time.

If you want to set up a transfer from a bank account, please download and complete an EFT form, attach a voided check or deposit slip from the account. Please mail all items to the address listed at the bottom.

If you'd prefer to use your debit or credit card instead, you can simply download a CARD form, select weekly or monthly. Please mail your completed form to the same address.

Not only do these methods provide the greatest security for you, it also enables us to steward your gift more effectively due to the significant reduction in administrative costs.

Thank you joining our team to lead drivers and the trucking community to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.

Transport For Christ
P.O. Box 117
Marietta, PA 17547-0117

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